Tips for Beginning Motorcycle Riders

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  With more than 15 years of experience working in technology, Bruce Bertman serves as the chief executive officer of Networld Online in Boca Raton, Florida. He works closely with small and midsize companies across the US, UK, Asia, and the Middle East to build brands through traditional and Internet marketing. In his free time, Bruce Bertman enjoys riding motorcycles. … Read More

Everyone Needs a Strategic Plan in Their Marketing Efforts.

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Marketing Strategy: What Is It? All businesses require a goal or objective. Your marketing strategy can help shape your actions so that you can achieve those goals. Strategies typically involve long-term planning and are organic, meaning they may change over time. You should always begin with your end goal in mind so that you take the big picture into consideration. … Read More

How Positive Reviews Impact Your Business

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People love to shop and with all the choices on the internet, they have many destinations to choose from. More and more people go online and do their research before making a purchase, reservation or transaction. They search out reviews; is service quality good at this restaurant? Check those reviews. Is the upgraded model from Apple or Samsung worth it? … Read More

Effective Ways to Improve Your Business Relationships

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Business Relation

Building strong long lasting business relationships can be a key component to the success and growth of your company. If you are looking for unique and innovative ways to accomplish that, consider hiring Bruce Bertman and his team, they can provide the services that get you the results you are looking for. Frequent Communication Reach out to your customers regularly … Read More

5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Strategic Planning Services

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Strategy Planning

If you just churn out marketing campaigns and neglect having a well thought out strategy that includes targeted content, you are destined for high bounce rates and low conversions from your communication programs. For this reason it would advantageous if you were to engage groups such as Bruce Bertman Strategic planning services. They have the ability to make an impact … Read More

6 Ways Positive Reviews Help Your Business

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We all know it is difficult in today’s environment to get a new business up and running. If you are getting bad reviews that could put an end to your business before it even gets off the ground. Do whatever you can to make sure that does not happen. Hire a marketing specialist to help you turn things around early … Read More

3 Ways Better Marketing Can Help Your Business

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Business Relations

When you market to your target audience, connection needs to be your goal. Instead of just trying to sell a product or service, you’ll want to build a connection. That’s going to help set you apart from the rest of your competition out there. By improving the way you relate and connect to your customers, you can improve your bottom … Read More

4 Ways Positive Reviews Help You Build Your Business

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These days, most people go online to check for reviews or feedback before they choose a service, book a table at a restaurant or click on that buy me link on the newest best sellers. Statistics from Inc. support the data, with about 89 percent of consumers going online for product and service reviews. About 80 percent say they have … Read More

Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Strategist

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Strategy Planiing

Running a successful business can be difficult enough without the right resources on your team. The last thing you want to do is try and handle every aspect of running your company. This can lead to a variety of mistakes being made some of which can be longer lasting than others. When it comes to creating the move effective marketing … Read More

Why Having Positive Online Reviews is Essential for Your Business

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There is a lot of noise out there in the business world and gaining a competitive edge is imperative for your business’ overall success. Your passion for keeping your customers happy is imperative when trying to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Having positive online reviews from former and current customers is mandatory for a variety of reasons. With the help … Read More